Jessica Bartel


Since Nov 2010

Old Tshirt Contest Winner- 'Nancy Drew'

Nancy's Tshirt was from 1964!  It was a Cleveland Brown Jersey!

At the Sexy. Sweaty. Zumba Party at Mercer University!

Me with Marquetta and Raymond! Two great presenters at Sexy. Sweaty. Zumba. 


Find your happy place with the amazing Erin Malan.  She's gooooood, yall.

Zumba in Tucker Halloween Party 2014!

This was the prim and proper BEFORE picture!

Below- Fun party pictures


This picture is so embarassing but it is a hilarious shot of the hair flip!

Party in Pink

New Year's Glow Party at Eric's Fit Lab!

Me and some of  my Zumba DIVAS on stage preforming "Chillin".

ZumbAtomic training with Ali Ramirez!

Zumba Kids preforming at Tucker Days!

Having a blast at Brailizian Carnival Party in Downtown Atlanta!

Jlo's "Dance Again" at Eric's FitLab for one of Eric's Fitness Parties!

Yes, I am wearing a tutu...

The Opening Game of the Atlanta Phoenix Professional Women's Football Team!  we preformed in the Halftime Show!

Booty Shot at the Phoenix Game.


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